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Ride The Wind is looking for people like you who are customer service driven, hardworking, organized, and knowledgeable of the surf apparel industry. 

Job Description

Each employee who works for Ride The Wind is responsible for both the Retail Sales Associate and Rental Sales Associate positions. Each position requires great customer service, product knowledge, organization skills, and communication skills. 

Retail Sales Associate

The surf shop is the heart of the business and is where most of your time will be spent during the work week. As a Retail Sales Associate you will be responsible for merchandising and keeping the shop in order. Another main function of your job is helping customers and working the register. Ride The Wind is looking for hardworking individuals who are organized, polite, responsible, and are able to handle a high pace work environment. 

Rental Sales Associate

The Rental Sales Associate is responsible for renting out gear, taking reservations for tours and lessons, and maintaining the rental fleet. Additionally, the Rental Sales Associate will be responsible for making pickups and deliveries to houses around the island. It is important for the Rental Sales Associate to be engaging, hardworking, and organized to provide our customers with a positive, lasting experience.

Additional Work Opportunities

Surf Instructor

Ride The Wind Surf Instructors must have technical surfing knowledge. Instructors should also have proven experience as a surfer and a passion for teaching the sport. A surf instructor is a physically demanding job. It is required that one can swim in the ocean unassisted for extended periods of time. One must also be comfortable swimming in the ocean despite unfavorable conditions. 

All Ride The Wind Kayak Guides are trained by Bob or another experienced guide. One will learn how the tour is structured, safety information, content that is specific to Ocracoke history and folklore, and information on wildlife. Tour guides should be very friendly, personable, and talkative. It is the tour guides job to give each customer a unique lasting experience. 

Kayak Guide

Employee Housing

Finding affordable housing on Ocracoke in the summer is very challenging. The Ride The Wind Team House offers a solution to this problem. The Team House is located in Oyster Creek and is owned and maintained by Ride The Wind. Ride The Wind wants our employees to be dedicated workers while also having time for leisure. With a free place to stay and a generous income, employees will not have to work two jobs. Ride The Wind employees have plenty of time off and enough spending money to enjoy a summer here on Ocracoke. If you have any questions about employee housing, feel free to call or email us. 

No longer accepting applications for Summer 2024

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