Surf Lessons

While you are visiting Ocracoke, take advantage of some of the best waves on the East Coast. From beginner to advanced riders, Ride The Wind offers lessons suited to progressing your surfing ability. If you have never surfed before, now is the time to learn. If you have been riding for a few years and are looking to take your surfing to the next level we offer advanced lessons geared to help you catch more waves and get you confident dropping into bigger waves. 


Surf Camp

Experience Level: Beginner   Length: 2 Hours   Price: $75

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Groups Lessons with Ride The Wind are always a fun option for both kids and adults. The number of people in a group lesson can range from 3 – 12 people. The safety of our surfers and instructors is very important so each instructor is limited to 3 surfers. Expect to have a great day in the sun making new friends and of course catching lots of waves. 

1 Person Private Lesson

Experience Level: Beginner   Length: 1 Hour   Price: $95

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If you have never surfed before or you have surfed but are still not able to catch waves on your own, this lesson is a great option for you. Before getting in the water we will teach you the proper pop-up technique and other critical surfing techniques such as paddling, wave selection, and safety. The instructor will be in the water by your side the entire lesson guiding you and pushing you into waves.

2 Person Private Lesson

Experience Level: Beginner   Length: 1 Hour   Price: $165

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The 2 Person Private Surf Lesson offers the same level of instruction as the 1 Person Private Lesson with the only difference being a two to one surfer to instructor ratio. This simply means that the two surfers will have to trade waves. This is a great option for friends, siblings, or a couple looking to spend time learning how to surf together. 

Surf Guide

Experience Level: Beyond Beginner    Length: 1.5 Hours   Price: $145/person

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A Surf Guide is for surfers who can catch waves on their own and are looking for a higher level of instruction to take their surfing to the next level. With this very personalized lesson, the surfer will inform the instructor of their current surfing ability and discuss areas of surfing they want to improve. With this in mind, the instructor will paddle out with the surfer and guide them through the personalized 90 minute session.  

Common Areas of Improvement

Board Selection – Select the right board for your surfing style, ability, and wave size

Spot Selection – Choosing where to paddle out

Duck Dive – How to properly duck dive on those bigger days to reach the lineup

Wave Selection – How to choose the right wave 

Positioning – Where to position yourself on the wave and where to take off

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