Kayak Eco-Tours

Private Tours

Take a personalized private tour with one of our experienced kayak guides. One of the many benefits of a private tour is that you can choose where your group launches from. There are many launch spots around the island, each offering a unique kayaking experience. Our trained kayak guides have local knowledge of the island and will show you all of the best spots for birdwatching, clamming, swimming, fishing, or whatever else interests you.

Length: 2 Hours    Price: $65/Guest 

Group Eco-Tours

     Take a group tour through the scenic Pamlico Sound with a trained kayak guide. Along the two hour tour you can expect to see a variety of animals including oyster catchers, great blue herons, dolphins, stingrays, and other local fish species. The group tour departs out of Silver Lake Harbor and heads towards Springers Point Nature Preserve. From Springers, your kayak guide will lead you into the wildlife filled marsh where you will explore and then return to Silver Lake Harbor. If you have never kayaked before, no worries, our kayak guides will teach you proper paddling techniques and get you feeling comfortable in the water in no time.

Length: 2 Hours   Time: 6:15 AM   Price: $65/Guest  

Length: 2 Hours   Time: 9:00 AM   Price: $49/Guest

Length: 2 Hours   Time: Varies based on sunset time   Price: $49/Guest 

Length: 2 Hours   Time: Varies based on moon rise time   Price: $50/Guest 

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