2 Person Private Surf Lesson

Wed., Mon., Fri., Sat.
1 hour

Lessons are scheduled individually for you or your group in one hour blocks. This lesson is structured for 2 participants that book together as a group. Our instructors are all experienced surfers who live to “spread the gospel” of surfing. In addition to surfing skills our instructors are trained in Ocean safety, Life guarding, First Aid and CPR. During a typical one hour lesson you will do the following. Receive a briefing on ocean safety. Be shown the different parts of the surfboard and how the board works. Receive instruction on the beach in the mechanics of surfing (Paddling, timing, pop up) Be taught how to safely paddle a surfboard out into the lineup. Receive instruction on paddling for waves and getting to your feet with an instructor in the water with you. Discuss surf etiquette and the unwritten rules when you’re in the lineup. We cover a tremendous amount of material during our lessons. Our goal is to get the participant ready to safely go out and enjoy their surf session. Surfing, like any sport or endeavor worth pursuing, requires lots of time in the water practicing. At least surfing, unlike many activities, is even fun practicing!

What's included ?

  • Surfboard
  • Transportation from the shop to the beach

What to bring ?

  • Beach Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Water

Other considerations

Like any outdoor adventure, our lessons and camps are subject to weather and other environmental factors. As such the activity may be more or less strenuous depending on overall conditions. We will make every attempt to safely get a lesson or camp completed but activities may be altered or canceled at the discretion of the instructor.